Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Bring New Life to Your Older Video Game Systems

Bring new life in to your older consoles and take advantage of Vanmackay Computer Solutions hard modding / soft modding services.

Many people will ask what are the benefits of modding your console in this article we will explain some of the benefits of modding your console.

One great feature of modding your console is the ability to play backup games from disc or external hard drive and not having to worry about scratching the original! Another great advantage is the ability to play games from different regions whether its pal, jap, or NTSC-U. Many times certain games are only released in certain areas so for example if you love RPG games then this feature will benefit you by being able to play all great RPG games that have never been released in North America.

If you were born in the eighties you will love the idea of playing all the retro games you enjoyed growing up. Most of the major consoles have emulators that do a good job emulating the game. You will be able to add:

  • Atari
  • Nintendo / Super Nintendo / N64 / GameCube
  • Sega Master System / Sega Genesis / Sega Saturn / 32X
  • Turbo Graphix 16
  • Neo Geo
  • PlayStation
  • Xbox
This Service is available for all consoles except PS3 as we only sell
e3 Flasher.