Sunday, February 2, 2014

Must Have for Soft Mod Wii (Priiloader)

When performing a soft mod precautions are took to prevent the Wii from being bricked in addition to bootmii a priiloader is a good idea. Priiloader is an app that prevents the wii from being accidently updated.
1.Download the Priiloader pack and extract the apps folder to the root of your SD card. Don't change the folder structure! Let it overwrite/merge existing stuff if needed.

2. Download the hacks for priiloader and put the hacks_hash.ini file at the root of the SD card.

3. Install Priloader , will see icon in Home Brew Channel

4. Once Priiloader launches, press + to install priiloader.
You may get an error for "loader.ini" and/or "password.txt" simply ignore these.

5. Restart your Wii while holding reset.
6. Enable desired hacks and save.

Hack Suggestions: Auto press A at health screen, Block disc updates, Block online updates, Remove NoCopy save file protection, Recovery mode press d-pad..., Region free everything