Sunday, January 19, 2014

Quick Tutorial Soft Modding Your Wii

The next generation of video game consoles are out and older systems may be collecting dust however you may bring some life to the Wii with a simple mod(letterbomb), SD card, and collection of hacks and apps.

  1. First step is to navigate to system setting and find your wii mac address( write this down important! used later on)
  2. Go to Select which version of the Wii System Menu you have. Select 4.3U if you live in the US, 4.3E if you live in Europe, 4.3J if you live in Japan, and 4.3K if you live in Korea.
  3. Enter your mac address, check bundle hackmii installer for me and fill in captcha and cut either red or blue wire.
  4. Once you cut the wire there will be a zip download, extract the content into the root of your sd card.
  5. Place the SD card into the will and start the wii, open wii message board and you should see a letter with a red bomb(The letter may be from the previous day just click the letter)
  6.  Go through the Hackmii installer until it gives you the option to install the Home brew Channel. Choose that option. If you want to, you can choose to install Bootmii.
Congrats you have installed Home brew channel, know you have your wii soft mod you can add apps to play backups, emulators, home brew applications, and much more.
Dennis Vanden Heuvel