Sunday, June 9, 2013

Seo for Small Business and Start-Ups

Van Mackay solution offers some Seo tips to help small business owners and start ups. If your business website is finished register with google and bing webmaster tools and submit your site-map to help search engine understand your content.

Register for google analytics will help you gauge your visitors interaction with your website. You will see geographically where visitors are accessing the site from, keywords used to find the website, device used to find your website, plus many more valuable information.

Sign up for high ranking local business directories which will give users information about your business without going to your website. The most popular local business website is google places for business, once signed up your business will be indexed by google maps as well customers can also leave reviews.

Social media is necessary for business to engage potential clients / customers however there are many choices that require constant updating. The most valuable is Facebook, Twitter, Google+,LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Social media will help showcase your business and draw visitors to your website.

These are some simple tips to implement for small business owners however if your business needs assistance with the following tips or Search engine optimization or web development Van Mackay Solutions can help.