Monday, June 3, 2013

How to Pick a Domain Name

When picking a domain name for your personal or business website can be tough so Van Mackay Solutions has some simple tips.

Keep the domain name short and simple

Your domain name can be up to 67 characters however keep it short and simple for your visitors to remember.Try using 6 - 10 characters and avoid using hyphens and special characters.One example would be Sports Illustrated their domain name is but also have which domain would you remember?

Consider buying other extensions

Most visitors assume your website will be .com so make sure your domain name is available with a .com extension however you may want to grab other extension such as .net, .info .org etc.. If your brand really takes off you don't want others buying the same domain with different extension.

Common Extensions
.com (commercial) ,  .net (network), .info (information), .org (organization) .ca (Canada)

Tools for picking a domain name

When choosing a domain name you can go to any web hosting site and see if your domain is available with a .com extension however many times that's not the case. These tools will help picking the perfect domain

Dot-o-mator - is a tool that suggests site names based on prefixes and suffixes you entered (keywords)

NameBoy - is a domain name generator it asks for a primary word and secondary word for your website  and generates domains based on words you choose.

Stuckdomains is a website database with expired and dropped domains good chance to grab a quality domain.

Estibot is a site for domain appraisals if your looking into buying someones domain Estibot can give you an estimate figure. Estibot also has a wide range of tools geared to domains.

I decided against discussing keywords in domains because i believe you should be more worried with the brand you are building and not the keywords in the domain but that's my opinion.