Monday, April 22, 2013

Questions Customers Should Ask Looking For A Web Developer

When looking for a web developer the choices are endless! Do you hire overseas, freelance , or a local web firm. Your business needs to stand above the competition and these questions will help gauge if the web developer can meet your expectations and beyond.

Do you make custom designs or only use templates?

Some web developers use templates to save time and cost however they will recycle templates over and over making slight changes. You will notice the web developer that use this tactic their portfolio will look all the same and your business will resemble many others online. Custom designs will cost more however the web developer will build a website your company in visions and will be distinct from other businesses online.

Are your websites tested for multi browsers, and cross platform compatibility?

Testing for multi browser and cross platform compatibility is important does the website render properly on all major browser (Internet Explorer, Fire fox, Chrome, Safari). Does the website render properly on a desktop computer, tablet, or smart phone. With the emergence of smart phones and tablets if the website doesn't render correctly your business can be losing money with a website that doesn't render properly.

Your business needs to decide on CMS or Website Maintenance?

Some business would rather handle updating the website. Does the web developer offer CMS (content management system) is a computer program that allows publishing, editing and modifying content as well as maintenance from a central interface. Some example of cms are: word press, drupal, and joomla. If your business would rather have the web developer do the updating find out the price per hour, or enter into a agreement detail terms.

Does the web developer offer SEO?

Once the website launched there needs to be SEO (search engine optimization) does the web developer offer this service? You want your website to be found on the internet especially google so your business need to implament seo with a budget in mind. Prices and quality of seo differ so look around and look at past work.

I hope these questions will help your search when looking for a web developer.